EVOLYSE, solution ready to use based on hydrogen peroxide and silver salts, is an aerial disinfectant for non-invasive medical devices and surfaces such as equipments, operating tables and medical/dental units.

The main features of Evolyse reflect the requirements described in the guidelines for the correct use of antiseptics - disinfectants:

- Biocidal activity
- Wide spectrum of action
- Fast action
- Non-toxic to humans at the concentrations of use

- Safety on the materials to be treated
- Easy application
- Quality and safety
- Economic management

As described in the above mentioned guidelines, Evolyse belongs to the category of high-level disinfectants being a chemical compound capable of destroying all microorganisms of any organizational form (bacteria, mycobacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and biofilms).

Evolyse, moreover, degrades rapidly in water and oxygen, without leaving any residues or wetting.

The use of active ingredients of the highest quality and the control of the entire production cycle by a Notified Body, make Evolyse a safe, stable and efficient disinfectant.




Available formulations ready to use:

6% basic

12% strong