Silver salts

Occupational Exposure Limit Values to silver in treatments with Evolyse

The most recent orientations of the legislator about Occupational Exposure Limit Values to potentially harmful substances listed in Annex XXXVIII of D.lgs. 9 april 2008, n. 81 and in Annex of Directive 2006/15/CE indicate in 0,01 mg/m3 the maximum limit of Silver that can be present in security for workers.

Treatment 1 ml/m3

Since the content of Silver Sulfate in Evolyse of 10 mg/L of Ag (10 ppm corresponding to 10 mg/Kg), it follows that in 1 ml of nebulized product are contained 0,01 mg of Ag, even if who diffuses the product never enter in contact with this. The analysis of the degradation of silver in ionic form, as we use, has reached its maximum number of oxidation and therefore in the environment does not oxidize further. Largely it is absorbed by bacteria, spores and fungi and disappears, what remains (less than a quarter) is deposited. It is therefore not possible in environment a presence of residues of Silver that could exceed the limits indicated in Law 81/2008.

Even in treatments with doses above (3ml/m3 and 5ml/m3) is valid that at the end of the diffusion, the first element that is deposited is the heavy metal. The residual values on the surfaces are not detectable at the level of signaling to the point to be far lower than the threshold limits of 0,050 mg/Kg indicated in contact maximum limits of the substances with foods (See: EFSA Journal 2006 “Opinion of the scientific panel on food additives, flavourings, processing aids and materials in contact with food”).