In technical jargon the micronebulization is the process through which a liquid is reduced into tiny particles (smaller than 5 microns). The English technical term is "dry mist".

The emitted particles are airborne and reach all free surfaces, by remaining suspended until their natural decay rather than falling as in the common aerosolization systems.

particlesTest Medisystem carried out in a controlled environment with particle counter (model Solair 3200) standard ISO 21501-4:2007 by accredited laboratory on June 12, 2015 test started at 10:42 hours - test ended at 12:39 (duration 40 minutes in continuous diffusion).



  • technique that allows the diffusion of a product at distance
  • the disinfectant has turned into particles that are spread in the air for surface treatment
  • it is also called no touch disinfection
  • allows to reduce the residual contamination of the surfaces with difficult access or poorly disinfected
  • also used for the terminal disinfection

stage of disinfection

source: Recommandations de l’Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé relatives aux critères de choix des procédés de désinfection des surfaces par voie aérienne en milieu de soins - Juin 2011